Who We are?

Who we are ?

  • Ethiqual was born in 2016 with a motive to provide unparalleled solutions for various domains of a business and add value to its offerings.
  • Ethiqual is in the business of providing comprehensive integrated solutions to its clients for all their non-core activities. Its integrated solution helps the clients in increased employee satisfaction, enhanced processes and increased life for its assets and infrastructure.
  • Ethiqual delivers the service using the right pool of skilled manpower, process and service architecture to provide an outcome that can be measured or quantified. Ethiqual will be self-managing and operating all its services.
  • We place major emphasis on unfolding the best practices and technology in order to provide a reliable platform for businesses and employees alike.

Our Values

Service Excellence

For all people and partners.


Acting and taking decisions in a manner that is fair and honest. Following the highest standards of professionalism and being recognized for doing so.

Spirit of Progress

Upward mobility of all of business and people parameters is paramount.

About Ethiqual

Making Lives Easy
To be preferred partner to businesses and institutions for performing any non-core activity or outsourced service and the right employer to nurture the growth of its People.