Who We are?

Who we are ?

Ethiqual was formed with a motive to provide unparalleled solutions for various domains of a business and add value to its offerings. Our team of skilled professionals make use of their expert knowledge and skills in order to improve the quality of life for our clients, employees, consumers and the communities at large. The services we offer include facilities management, workplace experience, technical services, food and general marketing. We place major emphasis on unfolding the best practices in order to provide a reliable platform for businesses and employees alike.

Our Values

Service Excellence

Being a service provider isn’t just about offering better customer experience but also about offering our best for every moment and make sure to follow best practices to achieve our goal.

People Spirit

We make the best efforts to hire, train and reward the right people in order to ensure that our human capital adds value to the business rather than just accomplishing the given takes for the employers. They are the pillars of strength for the business and can be counted on to go above and beyond every day.

Spirit of Progress

For us, it is about finding the perfect balance between completing the tasks with perfection and being versatile enough to provide for the changing needs of the clients and customers. Innovation is the key to growth and our workforce is self-driven to be catalytic in this process.

About Ethiqual

Our vision is to support businesses by way of handling various operations at the managerial and ground level in order to enable them focus on their real business.
Our mission is to offer quality products and services that meet customer expectations by augmenting market leadership and achieving operating excellence in every niche while also continually attracting, retaining and developing human capital.